Welcome back.

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog, and one of the reasons (apart from Christmas, work and life in general) is that I’ve been busy preparing material for an on-site training on QuantLib in Python.

It was some introductory material for a team that was starting to use QuantLib and needed to be brought up to speed; if you’re in Europe or UK and your team is in the same situation, feel free to send me an email at luigi.ballabio@gmail.com so we can talk about it.

It’s also possible that I use this material to experiment with creating a course on Leanpub (which is not the same as having an actual trainer, of course, but is still useful and a lot cheaper): if this sounds interesting, go to the landing page I’ve created and tell me so.

Yet another possibility is that the good Jacob Bettany and I make a MoneyScience course out of it. At this time I don’t have a link where you can register your interest, but I’ll keep you informed.

That would be all for today; thanks for reading. I’ll be back shortly with a look at QuantLib 1.15, which I might be releasing as you read this.