Your team decided to use QuantLib and needs to be brought up to speed with it?
I got you covered.

“I had the pleasure to invite Luigi over for an in-house training on the C++ pricing library QuantLib. In only two days he taught us a lot about the design, how to work with the library and how to extend it.”

“In just one day he was able to give us enough knowledge to use the QuantLib library in Python. If you want to start using the QuantLib library […] he is the one who can help you.”

I’m available for remote and on-site trainings based on the contents of my books: in the past few years, I did courses for a number of companies in London, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Munich, and the Netherlands. They are intensive courses in which I explain the architecture of the library and guide trainees through exercises that let them build new financial instruments based on the frameworks and techniques I describe.

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From time to time, I also teach an Introduction to QuantLib Development course in London; it’s organized by MoneyScience and based on the same content. If you’re interested, let us know by filling this form. You can do it even if London doesn’t work well for you; we’re thinking of organizing it elsewhere, and the feedback would be extremely useful. The same goes if you’re interested in other QuantLib-related content.

“I have had the chance to attend a 3-day course on QuantLib development by Luigi in London […]. He took us through the basics of QuantLib […] and then to more advanced topics. […] I highly recommend his trainings. […] His teaching is entertaining and challenging at the same time, with a very good mix of presentations, discussions and exercises (some of which are really tough, so better come prepared!)”

“I’ve been looking to investigate QuantLib for a long time, but the library is big and growing. The course Introduction to QuantLib by Luigi was the best entry point.”

More information? Glad you asked. Here is a Google Hangout I’ve recorded with MoneyScience’s Jacob Bettany in which we talk about the course. Enjoy.