Hello, everybody.

In last post, I told you that I had set up an automated daily job to merge any changes from master into a C++11 branch. Here are some initial results.

During last month, I merged 14 pull requests to master, ranging from as little as 2 lines in 1 file to as much as around a thousand lines across more than 20 files. Here are a plot of the lines and files touched by each one, with the ones that merged cleanly marked by a blue dot and the ones that didn’t marked by an orange cross.

Merge results

So far, it seems encouraging. The failures are few, and as far as I recall none of them required more than a few minutes to fix the conflicts. I’ll keep doing this until the next release (at some point in September, I guess) but it the trend continues, I think I’ll keep the branch and the daily job alive while I start applying more modernizations.

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