I’m Luigi Ballabio, one of the founders and lead developers of the QuantLib project and its current administrator. I’m also the author of two books about it, Implementing QuantLib and QuantLib Python Cookbook. More information about them is on the Books page on this site. I’m available for consulting and training on-site or remotely: read more about it.

This site features content about QuantLib that I hope you’ll find useful: earlier drafts from Implementing QuantLib, screencasts of some chapters of QuantLib Python Cookbook, bits of news about the library or my courses, or recordings of my occasional talks.

Should you want to reach me about training or my books, you can send me an email.

If you want to contact me about QuantLib, I suggest to post to its mailing list instead. I won’t delve into the reasons here; they’re covered in detail elsewhere.