Welcome back, everybody. I hope you had a nice vacation.

I’m sorry, but it’s going to be a while before I add new content to the blog. I’m preparing for a workshop I’ll be giving for Quants Hub, and that’s taking all the time I would usually give to the book and the rest. The workshop is going to be in London on October 8th. I hope to resume posting after that.

(For those interested: you can register for the workshop here. It’s going to be different from the course I usually teach in collaboration with MoneyScience. On the one hand, it will not only focus on the development and extension of the library, but also on its usage. On the other hand, it will also be taped; the videos will be made available for purchase on the Quants Hub site at some date, which might come handy if, for instance, there’s an ocean between you and London. I’ll keep you informed.)

Another bit of update: the two videos that I’ve posted so far in the QuantLib Notebooks series are also available on YouTube now, so you can watch them there if you prefer it to Vimeo. You can also have a look at the series page on LeanPub if you didn’t already.

Ok, enough advertising already. I hope to be back with some content soon.

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