This blog is about my work as one of the administrators and developers of the QuantLib project, and in particular about the books that I’ve been writing about it. In fact, one of the reasons I started blogging (with considerable delay with respect to all the cool kids) was to shame myself into writing content for the Implementing QuantLib book with a more regular schedule. In principle, the blog format would make it easier for me to notice that, oh gosh, I haven’t written anything since the first Obama term.

It mostly worked: that book has made decent progress, is published on Leanpub while being finished, and I started another one in the meantime. This blog will continue to feature content from both of them, as well as bits of news about QuantLib or my courses. When possible, I’ll also publish the recordings of my occasional talks.

That’s it, I guess. Should you want to reach me about my books or about a training course, you can write to my gmail address.

Finally, if you want to contact me about QuantLib, you might want to post to one of its mailing lists instead. I won’t delve into the reasons here; they’re covered in detail elsewhere.