Welcome back.

Yes, the blog has a different appearance, thanks for noticing. I’ve finally managed to switch to Jekyll as my blog engine. Blogger was not bad (after all, if it’s ok for Scott Meyers it’s ok for you, too) but I wanted to try out this new static-blog thing. Also, being able to write in markdown is a big plus, especially when showing code; and it will give me an excuse to experiment with AWS for hosting.

As expected, the new blog is faster; and it doesn’t hurt that it has a cleaner look by default and that I can control more easily what is shown in the mobile version. So thanks to Blogger for providing a way to export my old posts, to Jekyll for making an importer available, to the Emacs developers for creating an editor that I could program to finish the conversion, and to GitHub Pages for giving the blog its new home.

In other news: I’ll be teaching my next Introduction to QuantLib Development course on September 21st to 23rd in London (see my Training page if you’re not familiar with it). As usually, MoneyScience organizes the gig: details are at http://bit.ly/QuantLib-2016.

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